In March this year Bristol Energy, Bristol City Council’s energy company, announced that due in part to the high wind speeds during the storms in February and in part due to increased Purchase Power Agreements (PPAs) with UK wind farms, renewable energy generation saw an increase of 269% from the previous year.

This is good news on a number of counts:

  1. More than half of the renewable energy generated was powered by wind (56%), particularly from generators in the South West. Nearly 18% of the energy generated came from turbines at the Bristol City Council-owned wind farm at Avonmouth. This shows the value of on shore wind in our energy mix and also the value of local power purchase agreements.
  2. Being able to purchase locally (and nationally sourced) renewable energy adds to the value of the new green tariffs launched by Bristol Energy this year, by giving local generators and national customers the ability to buy and sell their electricity from known renewable energy sources.

Stephens Scown’s energy team are working with renewable energy generators and a number of local authorities, including Bristol City Council, on securing new models of power purchase agreements to encourage further renewable energy generation through the use of long term PPAs and “local CfDs”.

The link between renewable energy generation, supplier and end customer is important to encourage both take up of green energy tariffs and new generation – which we need increasingly more of to meet our net zero commitments across the UK.

More information on Bristol Energy’s success can be found here.