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Virtual Privacy Officer

Be reassured, compliant, and up to date with your data protection requirements – with our data protection service.

Personal data and the misuse of personal data is never far from the headlines and the ethical and fair treatment of personal data will never be far from many people’s concerns. Getting the treatment of personal data right can seem overburdensome and daunting.

Expert advice from our Virtual Privacy Officer

We provide clear, practical, commercially considered advice which is balanced with experienced expert understanding of the regulations and their application.

We created our data protection service from listening to our client’s and their needs. The support available from our team is in real time because time is an issue in the world of data compliance. This provides our clients real comfort and confidence.

A data protection service that matches your needs precisely

We support both large and smaller organisations. We will help you protect your business, staff and customers.

We’ll make it easier to make sense of the regulations, easier to understand and easier to implement.

Our Data Protection team’s breadth of skills and knowledge is readily available to help you achieve the very best results for your organisation. We are there to help you avoid those costly mistakes and correctly deal with the unavoidable.

Why wait until there is a problem?

The support you will receive from our data protection service includes:

  • Data protection helpline (telephone and email)
  • Audits and reviews
  • Policies and procedures
  • Training
  • Updates and bulletins
  • Virtual Privacy Officer – dedicated member of ‘our team’ in ‘your team’  
  • Confidence in confidentiality

The Virtual Privacy Officer offering means no additional head count for your organisation, so no hardware or additional tech costs. No new starter training.

Instead, straight out of the box, fully prepared, experienced support that provides quantifiable results.

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