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Mining and

Mining and Minerals

Stephens Scown has extensive expertise with the complexities of mining and minerals law in England and Wales.

For over 80 years, we’ve worked closely with the mining industry and mineral owners, gaining a vast amount of practical, commercial and legal knowledge while helping clients overcome some of the sector’s unique challenges.

Legal expertise for many of the industry’s most prominent companies

Today our team of dedicated minerals and mining specialists act for the likes of Imerys Minerals, Raymond Brown Quarry Products, Cornish Metals, Portland Stone Firms and Tungsten West Limited, as well as smaller operators and landowners with extensive mineral interests.

Based in the heart of a historical mining region, but active nationally and overseas

Our in-depth understanding comes from being based in the South West, and therefore surrounded by the mining industry’s past, present and future. Unlike many law firms, we’ve been down the mines and walked in the quarries, so we’re connected to the industry by far more than phone or email. This makes us a popular choice for mining and minerals clients further afield, both nationally and internationally.

We can help you with legal knowledge and support throughout the lifecycle of a mine – from development to closure, through restoration projects, and everything from mineral leases to complex land assembly arrangements. Our advanced understanding of the industry means we can also anticipate and solve problems before they affect your business, thereby saving you time, money and unnecessary stress.

We act for leading mineral extraction, holding and processing enterprises, and you’re just as likely to find us on-site with hard hats as sitting behind a desk

Our mining and minerals law experience includes:

  • advising Canadian company Cornish Metals Inc on the completion of the acquisition of the South Crofty tin mine in Cornwall and its admission to AIM
  • drafting and negotiating options for mineral leases for a variety of mineral sites, including sand and gravel, metals and clays
  • advising on the development of the world’s third-largest tungsten mine, including site assembly, mineral lease drawdown and funding arrangements
  • advice on compliance with terms of environmental permits
  • advising on waste-related projects including EfW facility, infill licences and IBA plants
  • registrations of mineral estates at the Land Registry
  • advice on the application of EIA regulations
  • claims following planning Modification Orders
  • defending statutory nuisance claims
  • advice in respect of ROMP reviews
  • mineral safeguarding
  • negotiation of drilling contracts and permitted development for mine exploration
  • advice on liabilities arising from mineral rights ownership
  • restoration of mineral sites
  • long-term supply agreements for secondary aggregate material and associated plant leases
  • royalty arrangements for concrete block works.


“We could not have been more pleased with the detailed and proactive approach to addressing the legal issues arising in what has been a rather extended process to get to this stage.”

Guy Macpherson-Grant, Director of EGS Energy



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