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Selling Online

Most businesses understand the need to sell their products, services and brand online to help drive sustainable success. Getting the law right in this area is about more than just complying with the regulations, it goes to the heart of your relationships with customers, building trust and protecting your cash flow.  

The team at Stephens Scown can help business owners ensure their online sales are legally compliant, and ensure awareness of some of the pitfalls of selling online.

Selling online can be complex

Selling online a great way to generate income, but it can also be complex. For example, there are payment methods and fees to consider, delivery methods and couriers to manage, and the cost of returns, and more. Also, regulations such as the Consumer Rights Act have introduced more statutory rights for shoppers.

Invest in expertise for peace of mind

Navigating the regulatory, operational and commercial issues around selling online can be challenging, but our expert team has the specialist legal expertise and commercial awareness to help.

We work with leading website developers and regional, national and international clients to provide guidance and support for:

  • online terms of sale for goods and/or services (for business to business and business to consumer sales)
  • website compliance requirements, such as privacy and cookie policies
  • copyright protection
  • online reputational management software
  • Advertising Standards Agency compliance.

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