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Sustainability – building
your purpose and impact

Sustainability – building your purpose and impact

Increasingly, organisations and business leaders are no longer measuring success solely from the annual accounts, but whether it has a defined positive purpose, whether that purpose is being met and what the organisation’s impact is. That impact might be environmental, related to the community around it, its people, supply chain and the wider effects on the other business and customer relationships it holds.

There is a positive global movement towards business being a force for good, led by the B Corp™ community, of which we are delighted to be a member. This seeks to encourage organisations to strive for high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. It engages businesses in balancing profit with purpose.

There are many positive reasons to do this – including financial. Research has shown that businesses with a shared sense of purpose will be more successful in transformation and grow more vigorously than their peers.

As the first large law firm in the UK to become employee-owned and having become B Corp™ Certified in December 2022, we have focused on building a dynamic and innovative business dedicated to delivering for our clients and providing a rewarding and supportive workplace.

Having walked this path ourselves (and still learning and improving), we understand that this is not easy and there is no ‘one size fits all’: every organisation will have different opportunities and priorities in this regard.

We recognise also that increasingly individuals want to know how the decisions they make in their personal lives impact on sustainability.

Our lawyers are knowledgeable and passionate about helping you build your own purpose and positive impact, at whatever stage of this you are at.

Here are some practical ways we can support your organisation with its purpose and impact:

Contact us to explore new ways to become a more purposeful business, embedding sustainability into the heart of your business and attracting new clients and customers who want to buy into a more sustainable future. 

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