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Sustainable Housing

Sustainable housing schemes designed and developed by the communities that live in them, are increasingly popular across the UK. They provide a brighter, greener approach to meeting Britain’s housing needs.

Whether your scheme is co-housing, self-build, community land trust, affordable house or eco trust, our Sustainable Housing team can help guide your project to a successful conclusion.

Combining our commitment to the environment with a dedication to your needs

Wherever we can, we aim to help protect the natural environment, so we’ll always be fully engaged and proactive in supporting the creation of better places to live and work. We act for community-led housing groups on a range of issues, and understand the legal complexities inherent in creating mutual and coordinated living spaces that have minimal impact on the environment.

Wide-ranging legal expertise for sustainable housing 

From options and leases to highway agreements, bespoke constitutions, planning advice and nomination agreements with local authorities, our expert team draws on years of sustainable housing experience to help you identify opportunities and realise your objectives.

We can also advise on the incorporation of renewable technologies, micro-grids and smart technology, backed by expertise and experience across the UK.

Approachable and adept with all legal considerations

Whether you want to better understand the legal requirements for co-housing, explore setting up a community land trust, or engage with neighbourhood planning, we’re on hand for all the support and assistance you need.

Our sustainable housing expertise includes:

  • co-housing and cooperatives
  • community land trusts
  • bespoke constitutions and corporate structures to reflect the ethos of each client group, including rules for choosing or dismissing members of the group
  • nomination agreements with local authorities and others
  • leases
  • planning agreements and planning advice
  • overage agreements
  • highway agreements
  • mediation and dispute resolution.

Our experience includes:

  • acting for Lammas Low Impact Initiatives Limited, a self-build group based in Wales – including setting up a new type of lease, plus shared rights for common parts and a shared common house
  • acting for a co-housing group in the acquisition of land, negotiation of overage agreements, nomination agreements and easements to enable development of 36 houses and a common house
  • supporting several community land trusts in the acquisition of land and the creation of bespoke constitutions.


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