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HR Consultancy

Hands-on HR support and training.

Maintaining excellence in your HR functions can be a constantly evolving challenge – but it’s critical to long-term success.

Our commercial and pragmatic HR consultancy service is ideal for:

  • securing a temporary HR management facility
  • additional HR training and support to boost your HR team at a time of increased need
  • small organisations that don’t need a full-time permanent HR manager
  • ad-hoc on-site support to manage specific needs as they arise
  • supporting organisations expanding rapidly and in need of assistance at short notice.

DIY HR can be a false economy

Directors, financial teams or senior managers often find themselves diverted from their main responsibilities to handle day-to-day HR functions. It’s understandable as a short-term fix, but this isn’t the best use of their skills, and HR matters can often be more time-consuming than they initially appear.

Expertise isn’t always expensive

Our HR expertise probably costs less than you think. In fact, it will likely save you time and money, because it’s our specialism. We’ll work with you swiftly and effectively to identify and manage any risks, and ensure you achieve full confidence in your own HR processes.

Our HR consultancy team is highly knowledgeable and approachable, and has an excellent track record. The team is well-versed in the wide-ranging challenges businesses and organisations have to navigate en route to growth and success.

Our HR consultancy service covers expert help with:

  • HR consultancy and on-site support, including running consultation exercises, meetings and investigations, increasing your HR capacity, and helping you to manage unexpected employment issues fairly and in line with best practice
  • HR training packages tailored to meet your specific circumstances and challenges – including equipping your managers to avoid and manage a range of common HR issues
  • HR mentoring programmes, including development programmes for administrative or junior HR employees, plus sessions tailored to general administrators and managers, to help professionalise your organisation’s approach to staff issues.

Experienced HR specialists

Our HR consultancy service gives you the flexibility of expert HR support without the expense of employing a full-time HR manager. You also enjoy the additional reassurance that our guidance is backed by highly regarded solicitors.

Examples of our expert HR consultancy work in action include:

  • providing HR and note-taking support at redundancy and restructuring consultation meetings – none of which resulted in appeals or claims
  • supporting trustees of a local charity with a dismissal appeal, including sitting in on the appeal hearing
  • conducting a complex investigation for a client involving allegations relating to financial transactions, cash management and bullying
  • providing on-site and remote support to disciplinary hearing panels, including a case involving safeguarding and a criminal investigation
  • leading redundancy consultation meetings (remotely, due to COVID-19 restrictions)
  • training a client’s employees on updated policies on equal opportunities and anti-bullying and anti-harassment
  • providing in-depth advice on a client’s pay review.

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