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Business Immigration

Understanding the UK’s immigration laws.

Immigration laws can be complex, and don’t just apply to people. As an employer, it makes good business sense to stay up to speed with ever-changing immigration legislation. Ultimately, it can ensure you avoid hefty fines – or even imprisonment.

Understanding the immigration rules and having the right systems in place is therefore vital – and that’s precisely what our specialist immigration team is here to help you with. We offer expert tailored advice to support organisations of all sizes.

Investing in overseas talent?

Stephens Scown advises on a wide range of UK business immigration matters, including sponsor licence applications, certificates of sponsorship, business visitors, immigration compliance and due diligence, and challenging civil penalty notices.

For example, our specialist immigration lawyers can help you with investor and entrepreneurial visa routes such as the innovator, start-up and investor visas. If your business needs to bring in talent from overseas, including from the EU, we can advise you on what to do under the new immigration system to achieve this most efficiently and effectively.

The team also provides in-depth, tailored training on carrying out compliant right-to-work checks – and on how businesses can protect their workforces post-Brexit.

Immigration rules – expertise whenever you need it

Of course, you’re already focused on running your business, and the complexities of immigration law can prove an unwanted distraction from overseeing growth and success. That’s where our knowledge and experience can really make life easier.

Whatever your business needs, our immigration team provides insightful, dependable and cost-effective advice. What’s more, our corporate and employment teams can also advise you on issues related to employing overseas nationals.But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our clients say:

“On the 9th February 2024, we embarked on a groundbreaking collaboration with Lisa Mulholland, marking the commencement of the first of six meticulously designed international recruitment compliance training days tailored specifically for social care providers in Devon. This initiative, a first in a series, aims to address the intricate challenges of obtaining a sponsorship licence for social care providers and ensuring there’s an understanding around the compliance required to maintain the licence.

We are immensely thrilled by the overwhelming interest that has emerged surrounding this complex subject. The level of engagement and eagerness to learn among participants underscores the critical importance of this endeavour. Lisa Mulholland’s delivery was nothing short of remarkable, offering deep insights and practical strategies that exceeded our expectations. Her expertise illuminated the nuanced aspects of international recruitment, providing our attendees with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate this challenging landscape effectively.”

Devon Integrated Social Care Alliance (DISCA)

“We are a relatively unusual business in Exeter, given our international client base and the majority of our multi-lingual workforce coming from outside the UK. To have the level of knowledge and support that the Immigration team has provided us with locally is fantastic. Such specialist advice is not easy to come by, but their expertise shows that it is not necessary to go to law firms in Bristol or London. We’d much rather use experts who are local to us and can meet with us face to face.”

BPA Quality

“I regard Lisa highly for her professionalism and specialist knowledge, and I trust her advice implicitly. The level of service she has given us has always been excellent. The feedback from our people was very positive.”

BPA Quality


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