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Data Protection

Our specialist team helps all kinds of businesses with their data security, from start-ups to multi-national organisations.

We have extensive experience in helping businesses make the most of their data as an asset. We advise on regulatory compliance, including in connection with emerging technologies, and on issues arising from breaches of cyber security or subject access requests.

Consumers are increasingly data-aware, and will expect you to be

Not only is there a regulatory need to comply with the relevant legislation, it is increasingly being seen as a commercial necessity.

How you manage the data created by your business presence and transactions is a growing factor in people’s purchasing decisions. Ultimately, it can win or lose a sale, and it also has a reputational influence.

Experts in the latest data protection legislation 

Our specialist Intellectual Property, Data Protection and Technology team stays closely tuned to any developments in cyber security and data protection law, and knows how best to achieve compliance in the current regulatory landscape. We will also have insights into how its practical application might affect your business.

We’ve helped a wide range of businesses and organisations understand and implement the best strategy for data protection and cyber security. Some recent examples include:

  • advising multi-national organisations on their cross-border data requirements
  • helping several household-name organisations in the private, public and charitable sectors to manage complex breach and subject access scenarios
  • providing expert support for data issues arising from emerging technologies, including blockchain, face-recognition software, AI and evolving web tech
  • providing a virtual Data Protection Officer (DPO) facility
  • delivering educational and advisory workshops on the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), Data Protection Act (DPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – some via our own online platforms
  • conducting data audits to help businesses assess their requirements and commercial opportunities relating to data.

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