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Intellectual Property Top FAQs

  • The IP & IT Team at Stephens Scown are specialised in providing clients with the sort of legal documents they need to ensure they’re protected online. These include privacy policies (which also cover off compliance with “cookie” legislation) and terms and conditions which protect you from visitors to your website. We also help our clients draft and govern the rules by which transactions occur on their website – especially in consideration of the distance selling regulations.
  • E-commerce is the term that broadly covers all the facets of on-line sales, including, but not limited to; online shops, the bringing together and use of data through social media, e-mailing prospective and established customers (for example, newsletters), business to business buying and selling, and secure online transactions.
  • Copyright is the automatic right which is attached to the way in which ideas are expressed.
  • If someone is using a trade mark similar to your own (whether as a domain name, trading name, company name or in some other fashion), and you have a registered trade mark, that third party might be committing registered trade mark infringement. If they are, there are steps you can take to stop that party from continuing to use that mark. For more information contact us.
  • In order to register your trade mark, it needs to be distinctive and non-descriptive. Trade marks aren’t just limited to words and names – logos, sounds and even smells can be considered a trade mark
  • Every company has a trade mark – usually it is either the name of the company or the product it produces/the service it offers. Your trade mark acts as a badge of origin, letting the public know where that product/service comes from. A trade mark registration creates a monopoly in your registration – enabling you to stop others benefiting from your brand or the business you generate through word of mouth (and thus protect your reputation).