Finances following divorce or separation

Resolving financial issues can often be one of the most unsettling parts of breaking up. This is especially the case when communications have broken down and one party has more of an understanding of the family’s finances or a couple have very different ideas as to what the right outcome should be.

“The firm provides extensive support, and advice is always clear and accurate.”

One source compliments the firm for its “outstanding reputation born from hard work through preparation and commitment” and also praises its work in public children law, saying: “They have a premier team in terms of care work, they are up there with the best.”

Another interviewee notes: “They are excellent – very good at managing the client’s expectations because they are very in tune with the thinking of the judiciary, which also helps them to negotiate good outcomes.”

Sources consider the team to be “sensible, thorough, efficient and approachable.”

Chambers Guide to the Legal Profession

When critical judgments need to be made about your future it is invaluable to have the benefit of reliable expert advice. Our experienced family solicitors include specialists working exclusively in the area of financial issues on divorce and relationship breakdown.


The Stephens Scown family team is independently ranked as the best solicitors for divorce and family law in the region.

We will guide you through the process so that you can achieve a fair outcome for you and your children. The first step is to ensure all relevant information is disclosed so that we have a complete picture of the resources available for division. We have strong links with financial advisers, accountants and actuaries so that we can work out the most advantageous division of even the most complex assets for our clients.

We always explore ways of resolving family disputes away from the court, primarily to maintain relationships between parents who inevitably have to communicate about their children for the long term and also to save costs and speed things up. Court is very much a last resort. There are of course situations where a compromise is not possible. People might have very different ideas as to what the correct outcome should be, or a spouse may be very reluctant to provide full disclosure or engage in negotiations and we need the court’s help to get a fair outcome. We have large teams in Devon and Cornwall and are well placed to handle the most complex of court proceedings.

The team regularly deal with:

  • Division of property and savings
  • Maintenance claims and their variation
  • Child maintenance
  • Pension issues
  • Pre-marital and inherited wealth
  • Farming divorces or cases with a rural element
  • Complex corporate structures
  • Trusts (both onshore and offshore)
  • High value family and business assets
  • International and jurisdictional disputes
  • Freezing injunctions
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    “They prepare the case meticulously, and each is alive to the tactical decisions that need to be taken at an early stage in the proceedings in order to achieve the best ultimate outcome for their client.”

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