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Finances Following
Divorce or Separation

Finances Following Divorce or Separation

Resolving financial issues can be one of the most unsettling aspects of breaking up – particularly if communication breaks down, or one party has a better understanding of the family’s finances than the other, or both have very different ideas of what the right outcome should be.

Help with the financial side of relationship breakdown

When faced with critical decisions regarding your financial future, it’s crucial to seek reliable expert advice. Our experienced family law solicitors include specialists in dealing with the financial issues inherent in divorce and separation.

Our Family team is highly experienced in handling complex court proceedings, and regularly supports clients with:

  • division of property and savings
  • maintenance claims and their variation
  • child maintenance
  • pension issues
  • pre-marital and inherited wealth
  • farming divorces or cases with a rural element
  • complex corporate structures
  • trusts (onshore and offshore)
  • high-value family and business assets
  • international and jurisdictional disputes
  • freezing injunctions
  • challenging the terms of pre/post nuptial agreements where appropriate.

Ranked independently as the best in the region for divorce and family

Whether in the South West or anywhere in the UK, we can guide you expertly through the process and help you achieve a fair outcome for you and your children.

The first and most important step is to get in touch with us, and then to ensure you disclose all the relevant information so we have a complete picture of the resources available for division as part of the divorce or separation. We have long-standing links with trusted financial advisors, accountants and actuaries, with whom we can identify the most advantageous division of assets – no matter the complexity.

Things needn’t be litigious – court is a last resort

We always explore ways of resolving family disputes away from the court in the first instance. This can potentially save considerable time, money and stress, and maintain relationships between parents – which also benefits any children involved. We are members of Resolution and take a constructive approach to resolving family disputes.

We regularly adopt alternative avenues to court, including mediation and private hearings where we book an experienced retired Judge or barrister to act as a judge for the day and negotiate with his/her help. We are able to choose a judge with the right expertise and adequate time to dedicate towards facilitating settlement.

However, avoiding litigation isn’t always possible. People can have very different ideas about what the best or correct outcome should be, or a spouse may be very reluctant to give full disclosure or engage in negotiations. In such cases, a court can be the only route to a fair outcome. If court proceedings are necessary we take a robust approach to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

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