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Every business will own copyright. It arises automatically when you record your ideas in a tangible form. This enables you to prevent others from copying the expression of those ideas.

Copyright is everywhere you look. It’s in software, websites, presentations, marketing materials, manuals, art, media, photographs, music and literature. It’s not only the lifeblood of the creative industries – it’s intrinsic to protecting the commercially viable creativity of any individual or business.

Copyright applies to almost any business

The sheer range of organisations we advise on copyright issues reflects how copyright touches on almost every facet of business. We’ve helped clients across the sectors to understand and establish copyright for their creations, including software developers, design agencies, website developers, publishers, architects, and service industries, such as training and recruitment.

How to avoid copyright infringement

Whatever sector you operate in, it’s important to ensure you don’t infringe an individual or business’ copyright. You should also, wherever possible, assign copyright to your business so your intellectual property becomes a business asset, and increases your business’ value.

Expertise and experience with wide-ranging copyright issues

Our Intellectual Property, Data Protection and Technology team is widely experienced in advising on the issues copyright owners face. For example, we deal expertly with licensing, infringement, evidencing ownership, assignments and secure storage of materials.

We also provide a secure storage service for copyrighted works, for a fixed annual fee. This can be really helpful if you need to prove your ownership of the work, and the date of its creation.

To discuss how copyright can protect you and your ideas, get in touch with the Stephens Scown team.

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