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Workplace Disputes

Disputes in the workplace are common and can have a huge impact on people – both directly and indirectly.

Our specialist employment law team has extensive expertise and experience with workplace disputes, and an excellent track record in helping employees at all levels.

Every workplace dispute is unique

Every workplace dispute case we help with is different. But whatever your situation, we always allocate the appropriate help in addressing your specific grievances and circumstances. Some of the recurring themes we’ve identified over many years of dealing with workplace disputes, include:

  • falling out with your fellow directors and/or shareholders, and feeling you’re being forced out of your position
  • being unhappy about a new performance management procedure that you believe is unfair and unreasonable
  • bullying and harassment by a colleague or management
  • being suspended on grounds you consider unfair, and facing disciplinary action for misconduct
  • discrimination
  • being treated differently after you’ve raised concerns about malpractice (e.g. health and safety, discrimination, environmental concerns or a criminal activity)
  • facing an investigation, internally or through a professional body, and being concerned about how it might affect your future career prospects
  • believing you should have transferred under TUPE, but not being accepted by a new employer – or dealing with the uncertainty around this.

Advice from an experienced professional

Workplace dispute claims can be complex and time-consuming. But with principles, careers and livelihoods at stake – and no limit to the amount of compensation awarded for some types of claim – it’s always worth asking professionals to assess the strength of your position.

We can do precisely that. We’ll give you an honest assessment of your position and your best options for pursuing a case. Whatever your dispute or grievance, it’s vital to seek professional advice as early as possible. It will help you better understand your options, and take the first steps towards resolving the problem.


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