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Unfair Treatment

Unfair treatment in the workplace takes many forms, and can be both personally and professionally harmful.

As an employee, you may experience bullying, harassment, or other negative treatment. Whether this is legally classed as discrimination or not, it needs addressing – and professional advice at the earliest point is vital to give you the best chance or resolving matters without your employment terminating.

Employers are responsible for your professional wellbeing

Every employer has legal obligations regarding how they manage people with disabilities, serious illness or mental health issues. Once an employer is aware of any of these issues, they must make reasonable adjustments to support their employees and continue to get the best from them. Equally, they have obligations to ensure employees are not harassed because of their race, sex, sexuality or other protected characteristics.

These employer responsibilities are part of their duty of care. If you feel they’re not fulfilling that duty, we can offer expert advice regarding the steps you can take to stop unfair treatment, improve your working conditions, or ultimately hold your employer to account at an Employment Tribunal.

Protecting yourself against discrimination on any basis

Discrimination and victimisation claims arise from bad treatment linked to the protected grounds of gender and gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race, disability, age, marriage and civil partnership, religion or belief, and sexual orientation. If you feel you’ve been treated unfairly on any of these grounds, you may well have a strong case to address it legally.

The vast majority of employers accept that any such treatment is not only wrong, but also illegal in the workplace, and would seek to address it immediately – but it’s not always that simple or straightforward.

They might not accept it, or even be aware of it. If any employee finds themselves being treated unfairly, or ‘managed out’ when they disclose disability, pregnancy, or witnessing or being at the receiving end of offensive conduct, we’re here to provide expert support with tact and professionalism.


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