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International Divorce

International Divorce Top FAQs

  • Habitual residence is the country in which your day to day life is lived and you are primarily connected to. In general, your place of habitual residence will be where you live, work and are generally settled.
  • If assets are held or an income received outside of England and Wales, an order made by the English Courts may need to be enforced overseas. The ease and possibility of doing so will be dependent upon the country in which you are trying to enforce the English order and the type of order being enforced. The enforcement of English orders overseas can be particularly complex so it is vital to seek expert advice from the outset.
  • Forum Shopping is the term used by divorce lawyers to advise clients on the most appropriate jurisdiction for their divorce to commence.  This can have a significant bearing on the resolution of financial matters such as pension provision, tax issues and the level of financial settlement.  It is therefore important that advice is taken as early as possible.