Electric vehicles and alternative fuels

At Stephens Scown we recognise that the electric vehicle (EV) market is gathering pace and is now a viable option for individuals and business fleets alike. Whilst there may be some current barriers to full implementation of EV use, such as  sufficient charging points, grid stresses and interoperability of charging infrastructure; this is a market which continues to grow year on year. In a world where energy security is of paramount importance, the emergence of EV cannot be ignored.


How can EV affect you and your business?

  • If you are a fleet owner or motor vehicle retailer, then you will want to ensure you are ahead of the game, with any potential changes that will have to be made to your business. We can advise on the legal impact of such changes – whether this relates to data protection, employment rights, property sales or protecting the future of your business for your successors.


  • Do you have a bright idea which you think could shape EV’s and/or their charging systems? Are you a current designer of vehicles or individual parts, such as motors, drive systems or electronics ? If so, it is important that you protect your designs and systems to ensure that they are not infringed by competitors. At Stephens Scown we understand that the EV world is fast moving. As a result we can act quickly to protect your interests against others, and also assist you when cases of infringement do occur.


  • EV is ultimately going to impact the way we design our housing, work spaces, open areas, towns and road networks. Whether you are a business owner, local authority or community group, our dedicated team can help you be part of the EV revolution.
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