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Professional Negligence

If you’ve found yourself in a serious situation as a result of professional guidance, it may amount to professional negligence.

A professional has a duty of care to provide competent advice to his or her clients. This duty is breached if inadequate or incorrect advice leads directly to a client’s loss.

Defining and dealing with professional negligence with expert legal help

If you’ve suffered loss as a result of the actions (or inactions) of your professional advisor, you can bring a claim for professional negligence. Most professionals are insured, which improves your chances of success in recovering any loss – providing you have a well-founded claim.

Experience dealing with the complexities of professional negligence claims 

Our team of specialist professional negligence lawyers can assist and guide you through every step of the claim process. We work closely with colleagues in other teams within the firm to ensure we tailor our advice and strategy to the claim’s specifics. For example, if it relates to a land transaction or failing to register and protect intellectual property rights, we’ll allocate the specialist knowledge and experience to ensure you obtain the best outcome.

We are experienced in pursuing claims against many different types of professional, including:

  • accountants
  • architects
  • barristers
  • brokers
  • financial advisors
  • solicitors
  • surveyors.

Funding and insurance for professional negligence claims

We understand that the negligence associated with your claim may have caused you financial restriction or difficulty, but we don’t believe this should prevent you from pursuing a claim. That’s why we offer a number of funding options, such as the use of a legal expenses policy, ‘after the event’ insurance policies, private funding, and conditional-fee or damages-based agreements. We assess every case at the outset, and will discuss all funding options with you to identify the best for your needs and circumstances.


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