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Reputation management and defamation.

The increase in social media platforms and review sites means people are increasingly accustomed to airing their thoughts and opinions freely online. This can present a significant challenge for businesses in protecting their reputations.

Taking prompt and decisive action to defend your reputation

Whenever and wherever there are attacks on your reputation, you need to act as soon as possible to address reputational damage and prevent it from spreading. We’re experts in defamation and reputational damage, and can deal with matters at very short notice to protect your position.

Our dedicated team of defamation lawyers can impart practical advice on the best way for you to pursue a claim, whether that’s by securing an apology and retraction, or by taking things further and seeking damages. We also have an excellent track record in pursuing take-down actions against social media platforms and internet service providers.

Being proactive with reputation management and defamation

We encourage clients to take a proactive approach to upholding and protecting their reputations, and there are several ways we can help and advise. For example, we have extensive experience in reviewing press statements and can provide tailored advice on strategies to deflect adverse press attention or to publish responses that minimise the impact of any allegations made.

Specialist knowledge and experience

Our specialist disputes team is expert in dealing with defamation, and can deal with it as quickly as possible to keep reputational damage to a minimum so you can get your business back on track.

We have particular experience in:

  • libel and slander
  • malicious falsehood
  • reputation management and press relations
  • take-down action
  • breach of copyright
  • data protection breaches

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