You might spend years – and a great deal of money – building up your business. It can be operating successfully and have bright prospects. Then suddenly, it’s struck by a malicious attack. A negative or disparaging allegation that’s completely false, but threatens to bring you and your business tumbling down. What then?

Decisive action to defend your reputation

You need to be aware to the fact that a threat can come many directions, for example:

  • newspaper and magazine articles
  • television and radio broadcasts
  • e-mails and social media
  • websites, chat rooms, forums
  • advertising materials
  • the spoken word
  • employee workplace references

When it happens you need to act immediately, stamping on the fire before it takes hold and spreads out of control. This is where we come in, with a team dedicated to countering defamation. We feel passionately about unwarranted attacks that can so easily destroy businesses, and we know how that can affect you personally. That’s what makes us so approachable.

Defining the right response

Defamation law – be it libel or slander – can be complex. But our experience can guide you with practical and cost-effective advice on the best way for you to pursue a claim, whether that’s by getting an apology and retraction or securing damages.

We have the expertise and the knowledge to respond to every form of defamation, dealing with it as quickly as possible so you can get your business back on track.

Business advice from a business leader

The legal industry bible Chambers describes us as a ‘dominant force’ in the marketplace, and we feature in The Lawyer magazine’s prestigious Top 200 rankings. So rest assured, we are business-focused and well qualified to address any disputes that pose a risk to your success.

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