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Tribunal Claims

Employment Tribunal Claims

Claims from disgruntled employees can present a significant risk to employers – even where there is minimal basis for such claims, and little prospect of success. 

Over the last few years, there have been significant changes in employment tribunal litigation. The introduction of employment tribunal fees in 2013 saw a dramatic drop in the number of claims and a more relaxed approach to employment disputes from many employers and HR teams.

The abolition of fees in 2017, however, prompted a resurgence of claims and with it, employers have had to look again at how they approach disputes when they arise.

Support to help you stay focused

Even where a claim has no merits, it can have significant effects on your organisation’s reputation, profits and employee morale. Managing and responding to any claim diverts management time and resources away from ensuring growth and success.

With that in mind, securing an early assessment of risks and liabilities in disputes can save a lot of time, money and pressure in defending tribunal claims. Whatever the potential claim, the evidence to support it is often the difference between winning and losing a case, regardless of who is morally ‘in the right’.

Supporting your position and helping you navigate the process

Whatever help you need with employment tribunal claims, our team of specialists will work closely with you, from as early in the process as possible, to achieve the best position we can to defend claims,– even from the most aggressive claimants.

Expertise developed through extensive experience

We have a long track record of defending claims successfully, and can provide expert advice on tactics and settlement. We also recommend a post-litigation review, to ensure you’re better prepared for any potential future claims.

Whatever the nature and severity of an employment tribunal claim against you, our overriding mission is to support you through the process and achieve positive results.

We’ve done exactly that for many clients. Our recent experience includes:

  • representing a former employer in a multi-party claim brought by 22 employees who were dismissed by reason of redundancy
  • representing a pub tenant in defence of two constructive unfair dismissals and other claims
  • defending a recruitment agency from a religious belief discrimination claim
  • defending a claim brought for unfair dismissal against a charitable organisation by its former CEO
  • advising a Further Education organisation against a claim for whistleblowing and disability discrimination due to stress and anxiety, with a claim spanning five years of events
  • advising on a constructive unfair dismissal and disability discrimination claim arising from PTSD and steps taken in relation to the coronavirus pandemic
  • defending a marine business from a debt claim by a self-employed seafarer.


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