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Disciplinary and
Grievance Issues

Disciplinary and Grievance Issues

With specialist support, disciplinary and grievance issues are far easier to resolve.

Experience tells us that the earlier potential issues are identified, the better chance you have of resolving them effectively – thereby avoiding loss of talent or costly dispute processes.

It’s not always easy to recognise a grievance. It might be a concern raised by an employee about their own employment, or a grievance about a colleague or manager’s conduct. It may begin informally away from the workplace, even a simple text message. But whatever form it takes, failing to recognise a grievance, or to take the appropriate action, can have significant consequences.

Disciplinary matters will arise from time to time within any organisation. It may be that you are concerned about something an employee has said or done or a grievance might itself lead to disciplinary action.

Take action sooner rather than later

No matter the stage, severity or formality of the disciplinary or grievance issue, our expert employment law team can help you handle it efficiently and correctly, and ensure that a tribunal would uphold your actions as fair and reasonable.

We provide timely guidance on the correct legal processes and paperwork for handling disciplinary and grievance issues most effectively. If necessary, our HR Consultancy team can carry out investigations, or chair hearings or appeals. We can also provide training for your management team, giving them greater skills and confidence in handling disciplinary and grievance matters.

We’re here to help you

Our experience with workplace disputes involving disciplinary and grievance issues is wide and varied. It includes:

  • supporting a charity on a series of complex overlapping disciplinary and grievance matters involving a senior employee, including reports to the Charity Commission, alleged discrimination and the impact of lockdown restrictions
  • advising a business on a grievance brought by an employee alleging third party harassment from a website user
  • supporting a charity with disciplinary action against an employee who had been provoked into restraining a customer
  • conducting a complex investigation for a client involving allegations around financial transactions, cash management and bullying
  • guiding a haulage business in responding to disciplinary allegations made against a driver for failing to comply with tachograph requirements
  • carrying out investigative interviews for a charitable organisation, revealing whistleblowing concerns and instigating two disciplinary hearings
  • advising a local charity on the conduct of a disciplinary process involving its CEO, following serious health and safety concerns being raised
  • guiding a hotel in response to allegations of sexual harassment made by a junior employee against a senior manager.


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