International divorce

If your relationship breaks down and your spouse lives abroad, or there are assets or interests held outside the UK, what impact will it have on your divorce?

Whilst a couple are married they can over the course of time build up a number of ties with different countries. If their relationship breaks down and there needs to be a divorce, questions can immediately arise as to where the divorce should take place.

The rules in relation to divorce and the division of finances can differ greatly depending on where the proceedings have been commenced. Your entitlement in one jurisdiction might differ greatly compared with the claims you might be able to pursue if proceedings are commenced in another jurisdiction.

Get advice early

For this reason, it can often prove essential to take early legal advice, particularly in European cases, when so much can depend on where the proceedings have been issued first.

We are also often approached to represent ex pats who have been served with proceedings issued by their spouses resident in England and Wales. We are able to advise and represent our overseas clients remotely, so that their trips to England to deal with proceedings can be kept to a minimum if they would prefer.

International divorce experts

Our team of international divorce solicitors are able to advise on the choice of jurisdiction and call upon strong links with other lawyers around the world to help you in making this decision. Some of our recent cases have involved issues arising from countries as diverse as Singapore, UAE, Spain, Nigeria, Canada and Scotland.

We are able to act quickly to give the best chance possible of securing the jurisdiction that is right for you.

Expert advice

Our international divorce solicitors are able to offer advice on:

  • Financial claims involving assets in multiple countries
  • Choice of forum for divorce
  • Financial claims following an overseas divorce
  • Claims against foreign pensions
  • International freezing injunctions
  • International pre and post-nuptial agreements
  • Recognition of overseas marriages
  • Enforcement of foreign orders


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