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International Divorce

If your relationship breaks down and you or your spouse live abroad – or there are assets or interests held outside the UK – it could have an impact on your divorce.

Through marriage, a couple can build up ties with different countries – for example, through family or business connections – and may have residency or other rights outside the UK. So if the relationship breaks down to the point of divorce, where does the divorce take place?

Proven expertise in international divorce

The rules in relation to divorce and the division of finances can differ greatly, depending on where divorce proceedings have been instigated. As such, your entitlement in one jurisdiction might be significantly different in another. This is where professional experience and expertise can be invaluable.

Seek specialist advice as soon as possible

When so much can depend on where divorce proceedings are first issued, putting the process in expert hands can save time, stress and money for both parties.

We regularly represent ex-pats who have been served with proceedings issued by spouses who remain resident in England and Wales. We’re fully equipped and qualified to advise and represent overseas clients remotely, which can keep travel expenses to a minimum and avoid slowing down what can be a complex process.

International divorce experts

Our team of international divorce solicitors can advise on the choice of jurisdiction for divorce proceedings, and has strong links with lawyers around the world to help you decide. Some of our recent cases have involved issues arising from countries as diverse as Singapore, UAE, New Zealand, Nigeria, Brazil and Scotland. Wherever in the world, we can act quickly to help secure the jurisdiction that’s right for you.

UK-based expertise that’s applicable worldwide

Our international divorce solicitors can offer advice on:

  • financial claims involving assets in multiple countries
  • choosing the forum for divorce
  • financial claims following an overseas divorce
  • claims against foreign pensions
  • international freezing injunctions
  • international prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • recognition of overseas marriages
  • enforcement of foreign orders.

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