client meet with solicitor in person

While we’ve embraced the use of online communication tools, sometimes you might want to meet your divorce solicitor in person. Here’s how to do that.

When lockdown hit us all in March 2020, in the space of one day, face-to-face meetings were suspended almost entirely for people seeking legal advice. Zoom, Teams, Whatsapp and Facetime became the normal means of communication.

“Needs must”, we all thought. And certainly those methods served us very well and are still the preferred option for many clients now. Nevertheless, a survey during the pandemic showed that 55% of respondents still wished to be able to meet with their solicitor face-to-face. This article looks at how we can achieve that for clients.

Meeting your divorce solicitor during Covid

A positive to come out of the pandemic is that clients now have a greater range of options than ever. For those who wish to take advice online, all of the usual platforms mentioned above are available. We are also now very happy to meet with clients in our offices too, in a Covid secure way.

Our offices are open throughout the working week, with social distancing and temperature check mandatory for everyone entering the office. Our meeting rooms can easily accommodate social distancing and are disinfected after each client visit. We are also happy to wear masks during those meetings, at our clients’ request.

Why you may wish to meet your solicitor in person

We understand that for many people facing divorce, they will seek advice in one of the most difficult times they have ever faced. They do not wish to do this remotely and we recognise that for them a meeting is essential and we’re very willing to arrange this. It can also be helpful to meet in person if our client has any physical disabilities, such as hearing or sight loss.

In many cases, we see a client can find great benefit in have a full face-to-face initial meeting, so that a good working relationship and understanding can be reached.

A successful outcome for a divorce client is greatly assisted by the ease of communication between a client and lawyer, and we are here to facilitate that in any way possible. Often after a first meeting face-to-face, we can then achieve a great deal by phone, email and digital platforms, but we will always take our lead from our clients as to the way in which they would like to meet and have conversations.

If you would like to arrange a meeting with one of the divorce solicitors in our Family team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.