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Training and development comes in many forms like webinars, mentoring or classroom based tuition.  At Stephens Scown we shape it to our employees needs.


What kind of training would you like to help you do your job better? What are the skills gaps you’d like to fill to help you achieve your career ambitions? Is there a particular area you’d like to improve your abilities in?

Questions like these are the starting point for our training and development  planning.  Tapping into a wide range of external and internal training opportunities, you’ll be encouraged to take ownership of your training with your own personal development plan, whether you’re a partner, a trainee or in the support services teams.

It’s about identifying the best training to help you achieve your potential, professionally and personally, and aligning that to the needs of the firm, so we can grow together.

Whatever you want to achieve, whether it’s promotion, progression or on-the-job training, we’ll help you fulfil your aims and realise your potential.

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