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Fixed Fee

Fixed Fee Divorce

A fixed-fee divorce or dissolution can be a prudent choice if the terms of your divorce are uncontested by either party.

If you’ve agreed that there should be a divorce and the reason with your spouse, a fixed-fee divorce gives you the added benefit of knowing what the process will cost.

Our fixed-fee service is appropriate in certain cases, and involves:

  • advising you on each stage of the process
  • progressing and dealing with all necessary documentation relating to the divorce
  • liaising and negotiating with your spouse, or their legal advisers in relation to the divorce.

How does a fixed-fee divorce or dissolution begin?

The first step is to set up an initial appointment with us to discuss the process and the options available, based on your unique needs and circumstances. If your case is suitable, we can offer you one of two fixed-fee options, depending on whether you’re the applicant or not in the divorce. Our service includes preparing, drafting and filing all of the required documentation to start, progress and conclude the divorce, provided it is undefended.

We will also advise you on whether costs should be divided between you and your spouse, or how else they might be dealt with.

What if we can’t agree

If your case is not suitable for a fixed-fee divorce, or if you and your spouse can’t agree on how to progress the divorce, we can advise you on alternative arrangements we can offer, and the associated costs.

Note that court fees and issues regarding children or finances aren’t covered by the fixed fee, but we’re more than happy to discuss how we charge in our initial meeting with you.

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