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Park home owners will be interested to hear that Members of Parliament are set to debate the commission on the sales of mobile homes applying to residential parks in england this evening (30 October 2014).

Whilst Park Owners are entitled to a maximum of 10 per cent commission on the sale of a mobile home, the percentage will be discussed.

One argument in support of the park owner’s position to maintain this percentage is that any change could have a detrimental impact on the economic viability of park home estates and would most likely lead to the increase in pitch fees.

Residential park operators should contact their MP to reinforce the importance of this income stream to the viability of their businesses.

The government debate has been arranged by Annette Brooker MP and is due to begin this evening in the House of Commons.

To watch the debate yourself follow this link

Or for an update on the outcome of the debate please keep an eye on our blog for updates.

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