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Stephen Scown are participating in an online pilot scheme relating to the resolution of financial matters.

This enables us to upload consent applications (financial settlements) online with a view to having these considered by a Judge much quicker than if the consent application were sent to the Court in the traditional paper format.

We are in a small minority of firms in England and Wales trialling this scheme.

We are also members of the pilot online scheme relating to the submission of divorce petitions online. Previously, we would send petitions to the Court on paper for the Judge to consider and then issue. Increasingly, there are substantial back-logs of paperwork at the regional divorce centres, and there is often a significant delay in receiving issued petitions from the Court as a result of this.

It is therefore hoped that this online system will make the process a lot quicker and easier for divorce petitions to be filed and issued. Initiating divorce proceedings can be an inherently stressful and emotional step to take. It’s important for the Courts and law firms to reduce this stress and pressure by having an efficient system in place.

It is a real advantage for our clients that we are members of this pilot scheme, enabling us to resolve divorce and financial matters a far more efficient and less costly way than many other firms.

If you are considering initiating divorce proceedings or are having to approach a financial settlement with your husband or wife and would like advice or representation in relation to that, then do get in contact with our team who would be happy to assist you.