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In previous articles I have explored various ways in which parents can co-parent their children following a separation. In this article I am going to explain about parenting apps.

What is a parenting app?

A parenting app is an app that both parents can download and use to communicate issues for their children on.

Most co-parenting apps offer the following basic features:

  • A messaging service to enable the parents to message each other (usually time-stamped and unable to be changed)
  • A calendar that can be shared to input the days when the children will be with both parents throughout the year both during term time and holidays
  • An expense tracking function to share mutual expenses related to the children
  • A storage function where parents can keep important documents such as medical records
  • A way of sharing photographs of the children

I find that parenting apps enable parents to keep all of the information which needs to pass between them for the children in one place making it easily accessible and less intrusive on their lives. Parenting apps prevent the need for parents to communicate on social media or email and make the arrangements for the children easier to manage. I recommend them to the majority of my clients.

Which parenting app should I use?

There are free parenting apps. There are also apps which have to be paid for which offer premium services which some of the free apps do not offer.

Some of the available apps include (in no particular order):

  • Our Family Wizard. This is an app which needs to be purchased each year with both parents signing up to the purchase. A ‘ToneMeter’ can additionally be purchased which helps parents anticipate how the tone of their message could be received by the other parent and flags statements that may be perceived as emotionally charged, giving them the opportunity to modify the message before sending it.
  • AppClose. This is a free app with a messaging facility, calendar, the ability to make audio and video calls and make requests.
  • Custody Connection. This is a free app with a calendar, message facility and where information for your child can be stored.
  • 2houses. This is an app which needs to be purchased and includes a calendar, expenses, messages and notifications.
  • TalkingParents. This is a free app and encourages healthy communication between parents. It is marketed as a ‘co-parenting communication service’.
  • Cozi. This app is not solely for separated parents, but helps families keep track of everything in one place.

If you are interested in using a parenting app, I suggest you look at them all and see which one you think will work for both you and the other parent to enable you to co-parent your children together.


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