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Infrastructure Levy

Community Infrastructure Levy

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a charge that local authorities can apply to new developments. It’s used to raise funds for infrastructure, facilities and services like schools or transport improvements, to support new homes and businesses in the areas.

Are you paying the right amount of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), or do your development plans factor in CIL reliefs and exemptions?

CIL will likely be a significant part of your development cost, so it’s important you have a detailed understanding of how it applies to your site. It can help you monitor and manage costs more effectively, and ultimately ensure your project is viable.

Invest in our comprehensive CIL Review package

Our team of planning experts advises clients across the South West and beyond. Our CIL Review package is ideal for preparing applications for planning permission or thinking of applying for planning permission in areas where CIL has been adopted. We’ll guide you through the CIL process, and clarify any exemptions, reliefs or credits that might apply.

The CIL Review includes:

  • phasing a development
  • what forms to use and when
  • assuming liability
  • correct CIL calculation
  • Vacant Building Credit
  • reliefs and exemptions
  • effects on s106 obligations
  • payment by instalments
  • potential impacts of other landowners
  • any relevant clawback on CIL
  • avoiding surcharges and financial penalties.

Our CIL Review provides peace of mind that you’ve explored all the options and are securing the best outcomes for your site.

Planning solicitors rated highly by industry  

Our planning solicitors are highly ranked by Chambers’ Guide to the Legal Profession (2024) and have extensive experience advising clients on all aspects of planning, including the Community Infrastructure Levy.


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