Marine is one of the sectors that has been identified as crucial to the continued growth and success of the South West, through the #BackTheSouthWest campaign.

Stephens Scown has put its weight behind the campaign, which is led by the Western Morning News and Pennon Group.

What is #BackTheSouthWest?

The #BackTheSouthWest campaign sees the business community, alongside the Local Enterprise Partnerships, the region’s MPs, government and academics aiming to pursue regional growth and secure a great future for the South West.

A South West growth charter was delivered to the heart of government last year, and the second phase of the campaign aims to build on that, ensuring that the issues that matter in the South West are front of mind for politicians.

The growth charter identified marine, along with aerospace, defence, energy, engineering and digital technology, as areas for investment, innovation and collaboration.

Some of the issues which are being lobbied for include better digital connectivity, improvements to transport infrastructure and investment in energy connectivity.

Several commitments have also been made by the partners in the campaign including greater collaboration between businesses, public sector and Local Enterprise Partnerships; a focus on retaining talent in the South West; and working towards building a self-sustaining South West.

Why this matters for marine businesses

This campaign is about ensuring that the South West has the infrastructure it needs to continue to succeed, but also showing those in power that businesses in the South West are ready to seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

Marine businesses have so much to contribute to the success of the region and it is crucial we highlight the contribution that marine businesses are making to the South West economy.

How you can get involved

If you are active on social media, please interact with posts using the #BackTheSouthWest hashtag.

Now is not the time for shrinking violets – if you have a success story, please share it and show those in power what the marine sector in the South West is already achieving. With even more of the right support, just imagine what we can deliver!

Verity Slater is a partner and head of the marine team at Stephens Scown, you can contact her on 01872 265100 or