Annual residential parks licence fee problems article banner image

Since April this year, local authorities have had new powers in relation to residential parks, enabling them to enforce breaches of site licence conditions and to charge fees for their new roles. Local authorities are entitled to make a charge for the annual site licence fee.

A number of local authorities have consulted on the fees that they intend to charge but many have not yet determined what the new fees will be. This presents a problem for those park owners who are soon to be reviewing their pitch fees and do not yet know what the site licence fee is. If you are a park owner in this position, please call Kirstie Apps who will be able to help you.

By way of reminder, when reviewing the pitch fee, all park owners should be using the pitch fee review form, which is available on the government’s website at this link:

We have specialists in our park home sector that can be contacted on 01392 210700, email