WPD publish 12 Constraint Management Zones in South West

February 14, 2019

Author - Justin Butt

Energy solicitor Justin Butt shares the details of Constraint Management Zones in the South West.

Flexible Power by Western Power Distribution have published details of 12 Constraint Management Zones (CMZs) that are now open for interest – please click here:

  • You can use the postcode checker to help you determine if you have a site within these zones. WPD have also provided a new valuation tool to help estimate the possible values available by participating in these zones.
  • You must register your interest to ensure you do not miss out.

WPD maintains a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for its demand response requirements:

  • The DPS holds records of all potential suppliers that have passed a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) to ensure they meet the minimum eligibility criteria.
  • The PQQ will also ask for site information which will support WPD’s assessment of zone viability.
  • The PQQ does not commit either party to service provision.
  • Parties who pass the PQQ stage will be added to the DPS, these parties will receive an Invitation to Tender (ITT) to all of WPDs 2019 Demand Response requirements.

In order to join the DPS, interested parties will be required to first register their interest via WPDs 2019 Periodic Indicative Notice (PIN).  All parties who respond to the PIN throughout 2019 will then be asked to complete the PQQ.

Register your interest by responding to the PIN here:  

2019 DPS registration timescales:

  • 31st December 2018 – 30th December 2019 – window open for PIN responses
  • 4th February 2019 – 30th December 2019 – window open for PQQ responses

First proposed procurement cycle for 2019 will begin in Feb:

  • 4th February 2019 – Proposed zones published on website
  • 19th March 2019 – ITT issued to all participants accepted onto the DPS
  • 22nd April – ITT Deadline
  • 13th May – Procurement results

Justin Butt is a solicitor in our energy team. If you would like to discuss constraint management zones or any other energy issue please contact our energy team on 01392 210700 or email

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