Surge in trade mark filing signals boom in SW business growth article banner image

A surge in trade mark filings indicates that South West companies are continuing to perform well following the challenges of the last few years, according to a leading intellectual property lawyer.


Ben Travers, partner and head of intellectual property and IT at Stephens Scown
Ben Travers, partner and head of intellectual property and IT at Stephens Scown

Stephens Scown LLP has filed 55 per cent of all trade marks filed by professionals in Devon and Cornwall this year. To date the firm’s intellectual property and IT team has filed 90 UK/EU trade mark applications on behalf of its clients, covering everything from motorsports equipment to food and drink products.

Ben Travers, partner and head of intellectual property and IT at Stephens Scown explains: “One way to judge economic growth out of a recession is to look at the number of trade marks filed. A trade mark is the badge of origin for a product or service and it follows that an increase means that more businesses are either developing new products or services, or feeling more confident about their existing offering that they want to protect it.

“Our trade mark filings for the first half of 2014 are double what we filed for the whole of last year, which in turn had been a three fold increase on 2012. This pattern of growth shows that the South West economy is on the rise.”

Stephens Scown has invested heavily in its intellectual property and IT team, most recently with new software, Darts IP. Stephens Scown is the only firm in Devon and Cornwall to have this specialist software, which allows the firm to better advise and assist its clients on intellectual property and disputes.

Ben Travers adds: “Our new software Darts IP allows us to enhance our client service by giving us all of the very latest developments in IP case law at our finger tips. This is one of the fastest moving areas of law and our clients are already reaping the benefits of our investment.

“If a business is serious about its plans for growth and future sustainability then trade marking of its key products and services is essential. Securing a trade mark can cost less than £500 and results in one of the most powerful rights you can buy – a legal monopoly over the badge of origin that separates one business from another.”

Stephens Scown offers a free IP MOT service, which gives clients and in-depth review of their intellectual property and advises on the best ways they can protect and exploit it.