Deciding on the law firm that you want to train with can be an overwhelming process, at times it was for me. However, as a trainee at Stephens Scown, I have been offered quality training, a diverse workload, and the opportunity to get involved in everything the firm has to offer. Here are some of the reasons why I wanted a training contract with Stephens Scown: 

Extensive experience

The training contract involves three seats in a mixture of contentious and non-contentious areas with high profile, challenging and quality work from the beginning. Having a longer seat (eight months in each department) was something that interested me in the firm; it has meant that I have been able to see transactions and cases from start to finish and have been involved in the process from initial instructions to completion of matters. I have found this to be something that well equips trainees for qualification as you are encouraged to get as involved as possible in matters and will gain extensive experience within each of your seats. 

South West is best

Growing up in Cornwall, and studying in Exeter and Bristol, meant that the firm’s South West regional focus was something that really appealed to me. Then having the opportunity to understand the businesses and individuals in the region and the wider commercial context in which they operate is fascinating. However, there is no obligation to have local connections to join the firm; all that is asked is that you have a passion for living and working in the region.

As a trainee I was encouraged to be a part of the firms Professionals Groups. This provides an opportunity for staff members who are under five years qualified to get involved in arranging marketing and networking events each year. The group has provided me with a great opportunity to build my professional network in the area, while also enjoying activities such as stand-up paddle boarding and Rounders in the summer. 

Best Companies

When I was applying for a training contract, Stephens Scown had just been included in the prestigious Sunday Times 100 Best Companies List. The firm has since been included on the list five years in a row. Seeing that the firm had been ranked so highly really appealed to me and demonstrated that the firm had a real commitment to looking after its staff, whilst also looking at ways that it can improve as a business. 

If you want to work for a firm that takes a genuine interest in your career and wellbeing, with great quality work and friendly staff, then Stephens Scown is a great place to be. For me it’s the little things that make me feel valued at the firm such as advent calendars in December, chocolate eggs at Easter, and an extra day of leave for your birthday.

What it means to be a Scowner

Stephens Scown was the first large law firm in the UK to become employee owned and we call ourselves ‘Scowners’ by combining Stephens ‘Scown’ and employee ‘owners’. Being employee owners we have a more tangible stake in the success of the firm and I think it means we have a stronger team mentality. 

One of the benefits of employee ownership is that all eligible members of staff receive an equal share in its profits, even as a trainee. At the end of each financial year all colleagues get together to share in the success of the firm, have a themed party, and experience the reveal of the profit share together.