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Can I ask my employer for mediation?

Yes, anyone can ask for mediation at any time, although there is no legal right that the employer should arrange this if asked.

Mediation is usually helpful where there is a dispute between 2 colleagues or between you and the company, where there is still a desire to work out the problem and maintain good relationships. It is particularly useful in resolving issues to enable parties to carry on working together.

A trained mediator guides you through the process and helps you identify the real issues and come up with ideas to improve things. They do this mainly by asking questions but if you find it helpful they can use their experience to make suggestions. You will decide if you want to take up these ideas. A mediator won’t take sides or judge who is right or wrong. Because the aim is to repair working relationships, the mediator will help you focus on the future, not the past. Those involved will usually be given a written copy of anything that is agreed.

The cost of a mediator is usually paid by the employer, but with agreement it can be shared.

If you feel unhappy with the way you are being treated by your employer, please refer to the specific FAQ on this.

If you feel you are being bullied or harassed at work, please refer to the specific FAQ on this.

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