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I feel I am being bullied or harassed at work. What should I do and what legal protection do I have?

It’s important to realise you are not alone and that there is legal protection which can be sought.

The key steps to take are:

  1. a)      Tell the person bullying or harassing you to stop;
  2. b)      Tell your manager and record your concerns in writing;
  3. c)      Take specialist legal advice to best protect your legal position and to find a solution before your health is impacted (or impacted further).

Bullying doesn’t (on its own) give you a legal remedy, but your employer has a general duty of care to look after your health and safety, including from psychological dangers.

If you are being bullied, harassed or victimised related to a ‘protected characteristic’ (such as your race, sex, disability, age, sexual orientation, or religion/belief) then discrimination law gives you further protection. The same key steps above apply.

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