Concept for - New Year's Resolutions for 2024

It’s the time of year to set your resolutions for 2024. Resolutions should make you feel better about yourself and the family team at Stephens Scown has set out their favourite goals to help you feel your best this year.

Start a new hobby

Kick-off the new year with a new hobby. Whether it’s getting outdoors, taking a new class or exercising your mind, trying something new will increase your mental functioning and you will feel like you have achieved something. If choosing something completely new feels daunting, we recommend picking up an old hobby, perhaps something you always regretted not continuing or something you enjoyed as a child.

Commit to a sleep schedule

Getting enough sleep is something that is often de-prioritised when life gets busy, but running on an empty tank is a certain way to heighten feelings of stress and anxiety. To improve how you feel in your mind and your body this year, it might be time to prioritise getting more sleep. To help achieve this goal, it might be worth reducing your caffeine intake, limiting your screen-use, or relaxing your body with a bath before bed. Sometimes just taking a moment to breathe and wind down can set you up for a restful night’s sleep. There are plenty of apps which can help track your sleep and will provide a measure of how well you are sticking to a schedule.

Plan a holiday

Having something to look forward to is a fail-safe way to boost your happiness this year. Whether you plan a solo adventure to promote your independence or use it as a way to spend quality time with friends or family, taking time out of your everyday life is essential to balancing your life. Making plans now for later in the year will help you feel excited, especially when blue Monday hits.

Re-set your nervous system

We take the way that we breathe for granted and we may not realise that it directly affects our levels of stress, our confidence and our health. Our friend of the family team, Helen Gaskin, founded Mindfit Cornwall to teach people about how to breathe mindfully to improve wellbeing. Read her article for more information about breathwork.

Think about your health

Thinking about your physical well-being and caring for your body is always important. The new year can be a time to re-set and renew. Food is fuel and what better time to try some new recipes and think about what you’re consuming and how it’s making you feel. A healthy lifestyle helps with a healthy mind and so it’s all a cycle really. It might be less about taking up new things but perhaps quitting old habits. Whether that’s giving up smoking, reducing alcohol consumption or reducing time spent on social media.

Update your Will

As solicitors, we know the importance of having a Will that reflects your up-to-date wishes. If you want to feel completely on top of your to do list, this is the ultimate task and resolution for 2024 to get it done. Read our advice on writing and updating your Will for more information.

Putting yourself first – resolutions for 2024

If you can find the time, take some more “me time”. Whilst it can feel selfish and you may have a million other things or people to worry about, take a step back and care for yourself. We all burn out, and it’s ok to need some time sometimes. The better you are, the better you can help and care for others.


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