Close Up Of Senior Couple Holding Hands

If you ask the majority of people going through divorce what they think their lives will look like afterwards, most will stare at you blankly and say they are unsure what the future holds, writes Judith Payne from the Next Chapter.

If you asked them to write it down on the day their divorce is finalised, it would probably include trying to figure out what just happened, being panicked about finances, and the big one… will they ever find love again?

So who helps them through this agonising period of instability, where self-confidence is shaky and they worry that the best is behind them? Is there life, and indeed love, after divorce?

At The Next Chapter we aim to support our clients through the aftermath of their divorce by focusing on their future goals. The service is aimed at the discerning individual, offering the chance to connect with a network of like-minded people who are also hoping to meet that special someone.

We also offer mentoring and coaching sessions aimed at getting you back on track emotionally, showing you how to de-clutter your life and make trusted new connections.

The company works with relationship coaches and personal stylists who put people in a strong position to enjoy a long term, committed relationship with someone new. We match clients who are successful, affluent, refined and fully vetted.

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