Emotions can run high during the break down of a marriage and this can have a significant impact on any children of family. It can be a shock for children to find out that their parents are divorcing, coupled with the uncertainly of what the future will look like and the fact that they may no longer be living in the same family home.

Before you sit down with your children and explain that you are getting a divorce, it is often a good idea to get specialist legal advice about the divorce process so you feel more informed and can answer any questions they may have. Understanding this can also help reduce the potential for stressful arguments with your spouse, making the separation more amicable and keep you on good terms for the future care of your children.

Your children may ask about what the future, where everybody will live or whether they will need to change schools. By taking early legal advice about your circumstances you will have a better idea of what your divorce will look like financially and how the process works.

We always recommend that parents talk to their children together and demonstrate that although you are separating, they remain the top priority and are loved. It is always best to keep financial negotiations and discussions away from children but to make sure their voice is heard and ask about their concerns and suggestions.

Criticising the other parent or complaining about their behaviour to your children can result in negative feelings of anger, resentment, or confusion. You should always try to maintain an amicable relationship with your spouse in front of them and not speak negatively about them to the children. The introduction of a new partner must be handled sensitively.

You may also want to consider whether the children would benefit from some professional support in the form of family or individual therapy. This is available privately or may also be available for children via their school.

If you require assistance regarding your divorce or with arrangements for your children, please contact our Family Law team and we would be happy to help. Expert advice at an early stage can not only help put your mind at ease but also help make the divorce process much less stressful for you and any children involved.