children lockdown

We’re in our third national lockdown and a prevalent theme and worry for many parents is what this means for child arrangements. How can children stay connected with family during lockdown, especially if their parents are separated?

The continuation of lockdown and restrictions is inevitably going to be a worry time for everyone. These are unprecedented times and the situation continues to move fast. It is vital to keep abreast of Government advice and any local variations to ensure that we all stay safe.

Can children move around during lockdown?

Those eagle eyed will no doubt recall Mr Gove MP’s mistake almost a year ago at the outset of our first Coronavirus lockdown, when he inadvertently sent families into a spin when he suggested children would have to stay put. Thankfully, this was swiftly qualified and confirmed that children could still pass safely between households of separated families, to ensure they see both parents.

Staying in touch when separated

Intentions to travel and go on holidays of course must be curtailed, and caution exercised in making too many plans. The utilisation of technology and alternative ways of facilitating indirect contact should be considered. What we might have thought was temporary with the use of Zoom, MS Teams and other video platforms is now almost becoming the norm – it is a great way of facilitating and promoting relationships between children and absent family members.

Whether it is reading stories, playing games or engaging in activities, virtual communication can enhance relations between children and their parents, going some way to fill the gaps that lockdown has unfortunately created for many. Especially those who live some distance away from each other.

Be creative. Write emails. Use WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom, Teams, or other video calls. Send videos – maybe even stories or messages sending best wishes. These are just some of the ways that people can stay in touch, and for those tech-savvy children and parents, a really great way of sharing experiences even whilst in isolation and apart.

If you’re unsure about the arrangements for your separated family and would like advice, please get in touch with us. Our Family team are experts in finding solutions to help families stay together.