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Employee Owners Knowledge Sharing – The Role And Duties Of A Trustee
Photograph of the Stephens Scown Employee Trustees laughing

Following the launch of this informal employee ownership knowledge share, and the inaugural event in February, we return with the second meeting and a tweaked structure to maximise the value each attendee can gain.

In this meeting and going forward we will structure the conversation around a specific topic within the world of EO – the topic this time will be: The Role and Duties of a Trustee.

We will facilitate knowledge sharing through an introductory group-session and then smaller breakout rooms.

Employee ownership has been shown to produce more productive and resilient businesses which benefit our economy. So, we should all be helping each other to further evolve our own unique versions of EO.

Join us for our informal knowledge share if you are an employee trustee, on an employee council, an employee owner, or from an employee-owned business with a vested interest, question to ask, or best practice to share.

Please RSVP to: Sam Moles at