second lockdown

With Christmas just around the corner, and with concern over the dramatic rise in the Covid-19 infection rate across the country, the Government announced on 31 October 2020 that it would be necessary to enter a second lockdown in an effort to get the virus under control.

It is hoped that keeping the restrictions in place until 2 December will prove successful in holding the virus at bay and avoid the NHS being overwhelmed.

With an eye firmly on keeping the negative impact of the virus on the economy to a minimum, the Government has also announced further financial support for businesses that have to close during this period through the furlough scheme.

In our latest guide, experts from across our legal teams highlight the key points that employers and business owners should consider as we adjust from the 3 Tier system and move into this second national lockdown. The guide is available here:


Image link to Business Guide - Are You Second Lockdown Ready