A lot of time, effort and money goes into the design of your products. Your design work helps to create and enhance your competitive edge. Along with your brand, your design will help your product or business stand out from competitors in the market. The next step in the development of your design is to protect that competitive edge through a design registration.

Our intellectual property team is able to help you to obtain registrations to protect the appearance of your unique products.  A design registration is a powerful right which can enable you, the owner, to stop anybody else from making a product which infringes your design.  Registration can protect the 3D appearance of your product or a surface decoration applied to a product.

Despite the ease with which a design registration can be obtained, either in the UK or the EU, and the low cost of obtaining design registration protection, many businesses do not appreciate the significant benefits a design registration can bring.

Our IP and IT team can help you to obtain design protection in the UK or the EU on a fixed fee basis.

For more information on how the IP and IT team can help you, please contact the team.

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