When you are going through the emotional rollercoaster of your break-up and the subsequent period it can be difficult to know how to over overcome the challenges you will face. For some they find support online, through family and friends but others like our client reading and a divorce retreat helped him find his way.

When you are at the bottom the only way is up

After my marriage broke down unexpectedly I was left utterly devastated and lost. I’d suddenly lost all that I’d planned for. I wasn’t able to go to work and really didn’t know where to turn or where my life was going.

In my efforts to move forwards I came across Sara Davison, better known as The Divorce Coach, and her amazing books Uncoupling and The Split. Sara is the one of the UK’s leading divorce and break-up coaches and having gone through a divorce herself seemed to know exactly what I was going through.

The books were a great help but I also discovered that Sara ran an exclusive, but intimate, retreat specifically geared for people going through a divorce or break-up. It meant committing myself to a weekend away and putting myself in a room with others going through a similar scenario.

Big steps and new support

I’d lost all my confidence and this was going to be a big step in itself but I couldn’t have predicted how much I was going to take away from the weekend. I was very nervous about going into the retreat on the first day but I was met at the door with a big hug from Sara and I couldn’t have predicted how warm and welcoming not only Sara was but also the other nine attendees were.

The group was made up of both men and women all struggling with slightly different scenarios. I found meeting those people who were going through essentially the same emotions invaluable. Sara created a safe space for all of us that weekend. I was instantly at ease so I could enjoy the talks, activities and take away things that have absolutely changed my life.

The retreat was transformative and also gave me a group of new friends who have an active WhatsApp group, regular phone calls and meet ups since the weekend.

I wasn’t alone in finding permission to be responsibly selfish

It was lovely to see that Sara’s Breakup Recovery Retreat was also featured in Stella Magazine in the Daily Telegraph this year and this confirmed that it has not only helped me but many others over subsequent courses.

There is so much to do once a separation occurs but you must always remember to be responsibly selfish and learn to love yourself again. I will always be thankful to Sara and my new group of friends that have continued to support me to this day.

You can find more information about the divorce retreat he attended at https://saradavison.com/break-up-recovery-retreat/