Thatchers Cider

Today we have received news of a decision we have been waiting for regarding the Thatchers v Aldi trade mark infringement case.

Thatchers, represented by Stephens Scown LLP, brought the claim against Aldi for the Cloudy Lemon cider product that appeared on Aldi’s shelves almost two years after Thatchers had gained significant market success with its own Cloudy Lemon cider.

The team at Stephens Scown who worked tirelessly on this matter were made up of Thomas Chartres-Moore (Partner and Head of the Intellectual Property and Data Protection team), Richard Slater (Partner within the Commercial Dispute Resolution team) and Becky Pickford (Associate in the Intellectual Property and Data Protection team).

The Intellectual Property and Data Protection team have represented Thatchers for many years, helping to strengthen Thatchers’ IP portfolio. An aim of such work was to assist Thatchers in fending off copycat products and brands whose prevalence have been increasing in recent years.

We are very proud to have represented Thatchers Cider Company Limited in this matter and are thoroughly disappointed with today’s result.