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Stephens Scown has been ranked number 1 in the UK for its influence on Twitter, according to digital marketing specialists I-com.

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Stephens Scown came top in the survey which looked at the influence or “Klout” of the top 200 law firms on Twitter.

I-com first ranked firms by Klout alone – a figure prepared by Twitter to rank the effectiveness of its users – and Stephens Scown was placed second, but when they factored in the size of the firm and its revenue compared to other larger firms, Stephens Scown moved into first place.

Stephens Scown’s managing partner Robert Camp said: “We have worked hard to make our Twitter presence much more engaging, and have seen a big increase in our followers, which is now approaching 3,000. What is even more encouraging is the great interaction we have with clients and other key partners on Twitter.

“Law firms are often viewed as traditional and slow to embrace new ideas, but we are pleased to be breaking the mould and showing how we can make an impact on social media – and doing it better than many firms much larger than ourselves.”

The success in the I-com survey comes on the back of another industry survey, which again ranked Stephens Scown higher than many larger firms – placing the firm at number 3 in the UK.

Content marketing platform Passel analysed the top 200 law firms by looking at a number of criteria including: the number of blog articles, Twitter followers, tweets and Klout score for 2014.

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