B Corp Month Pro Bono graphic

As we continue to celebrate B CorpTM Month, here we look at some of the projects our people have been undertaking over the last year to support local charitable organisations with pro bono work.

What is pro bono work?

Pro bono work is professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment or at a reduced fee as a public service. Pro bono work is encouraged as part of the firm’s wide-reaching support for local charities and community interest organisations.

As can be seen in our first impact assessment report, the following projects have been supported by several of our people, including: Laurie Trounce, Jennifer Short-Martin, Sophie Petrucci, Joe Nicholls, Helen Thomas and Jeremy Crook.

TR7 Skatepark CIC

We have provided TR7 Skatepark with pro bono governance support following its temporary closure earlier this year. This is Cornwall’s one of a kind skatepark offering an innovative rope system / harness set up that makes it easy for anybody to give skateboarding a go. This approach to learning means it specialises in teaching skateboarding to all ages and levels and welcomes autistic and SEN skaters. It was great to provide support to this not-for-profit enterprise and we look forward to seeing the skatepark return soon.

Power of Pads Charity

We have been delighted to assist the Power Of Pads, a UK-based charity committed to helping girls and women in Kenya. The mission of the charity is to end period poverty by providing sanitary products and start-up business funding, with the aim of improving educational outcomes, increasing empowerment and achieving financial independence for girls and women. Our work has involved charity governance support, including advice in connection with proposed changes to the Charity’s governing document and name.

Theatre/Arts-based Charity

This was a confidential matter, but the client said: “We are incredibly grateful to Sophie Petrucci for the invaluable pro bono help and advice given to us. Organisations such as ours really appreciate the opportunity to tap into expert advice in order that we may continue our own work in the community from a well-informed position.

The advice we have received has been friendly and informal, while still being given in an extremely professional manner. Stephens Scown is to be congratulated for providing this much-needed service. I’m sure many other groups and organisations, such as ourselves, are equally grateful to have benefitted from this scheme.”

Employment Lawyers Association

The Employment Tribunal Litigants in Person Support Scheme is provided by the Employment Lawyers’ Association and supported by HMCTS. Joe Nicholls, Employment Law partner, provided free support through a clinic to unrepresented individuals who are pursuing claims in the employment tribunal.

St Petrocs Charity

St Petrocs is a leading charity working to end homelessness in Cornwall. In 2022 they actively worked with 1,271 individuals, with 311 staying in St Petrocs houses. Helen Thomas, one of our senior associates, was delighted to be able to assist them on a pro bono basis with a legal issue involving one of those houses. Helen helped them find a good solution and also to set up appropriate processes to enable the charity to manage any similar issues themselves going forward. Henry Meacock, their chief executive said “Thank you for supporting us with this matter. It is great to have a way forward that we can progress. We really appreciate the pro bono support”.

Man Down CIC

Advice was given by Jeremy Crook, Associate, to one of Man Down’s regular volunteers regarding a debt situation. Jeremy was able to advise and resolve the situation, reducing the stress and concern for all involved. As Man Down is an organisation that works to support men with mental health concerns, and one of the firm’s past charities of the year, it was great to be able to assist in this way.


The Firm also undertakes Legal Aid work for individuals at greatly reduced rates and has a history of undertaking wider pro bono work. Teams are encouraged to undertake pro bono work for charities or community interest companies (CIC). This can be applied to all the work undertaken for the project (so it is free), or as a part pro bono (where it reduces the fees).

We have set a goal to undertake at least eight Pro Bono projects in this year and record and celebrate paid work we do that supports community or sustainable projects or businesses.