Victoria Wells

In this series, we introduce our B Corp Champions. Spread across all teams and sectors these dedicated individuals share their knowledge on B Corp, to not only improve practices in our own firm, but to help others implement their own changes.

For this edition we introduce Victoria Wells, solicitor in our Property Litigation team.

Can you tell us why you wanted to become a B Corp Champion and how it fits in with your role at Stephens Scown?

The values held by a B Corp certified business align with my own personal values. I wanted to become a B Corp Champion to assist with embedding and promoting these values within Stephens Scown’s culture. As a litigator, my role is to assist clients in what are often tricky and distressed circumstances, so it is important that the right balance is struck between people and profit. In addition to our clients, it is important to ensure our employees are sufficiently supported and valued when navigating this high-pressured role.

What changes have you seen within your team/sector since becoming a B Corp?

Specialising in property litigation, I have linked up with members of our Real Estate team to consider the opportunities around ‘green leases’ and what clauses landlords and tenants can agree to incorporate to promote ethical and environmentally friendly clauses.

As a specialist team, we have a large focus on giving back when planning any team meetings or away days. Weekly team meetings are held remotely to reduce the need for travel and when planning meetings in person, we endeavour to tie this in with some form of volunteering – for example, we recently held a picnic/ sports day on the beach with the day beginning with a litter pick.

Why do you think it’s important for businesses to consider becoming a B Corp?

Taking a person and planet focused approach to business has proven to be invaluable for many businesses. Becoming a B Corp certified business highlights to the external market the values the business embeds, together with its commitment to continuing and driving these values not only day-to-day but through growth and progression.

The B Corp community is growing and to be a part of it presents opportunities for business to work with and learn from other businesses who share its values. Further, with people being a lot more environmentally aware in recent years, individuals looking to invest their time and careers into businesses are giving higher consideration to its stance on planet and people.

Lastly can you share with us something you do personally at home or at work that has either a positive impact on the environment or wellbeing of others?

I have committed to making two days a week vegetarian based. Doing so reduces my impact on the environment and it enables me to diversify my cooking skills which boosts my mental health. Where possible I source my food products locally to support local businesses and give back to the community.