Two of our colleagues have been recognised in the National Admin Competition, after being put forward by their team-mates.

Kate Cairncross, a legal secretary in our private client team in Exeter and Michelle Burrows, data input assistant in our finance team in St Austell have both been named as runners up in the National Admin Competition organised by Property Search Group.

Michelle was nominated by Becky Hunt, practice support and compliance assistant in Exeter. Becky said: “I nominated Michelle for her tireless efforts in ensuring that CDD is processed in a timely and efficient manner. She is always friendly and ready to help others. She copes well under pressure with an often hectic workload, particularly at month end!”

Kate was nominated by her colleague Antonia Roberts who said: “Kate is the only secretary in the private client department in Exeter, working for five fee earners.

“Even though she is constantly drowning in work, she is always ray of sunshine, smiling and cheering everyone up. We are amused on a daily basis by her stories and humour!

“She works hard and ensures the whole team is working together and are smiling all day.”

In the run up to the Administrative Professionals Day in April, PSG ran a search to find the most valuable administrators in the UK, by asking for nominations from their colleagues.

Martin Gill from PSG Plymouth said: “Well done to Kate and Michelle. How valued they are shines through in the nominations from Antonia and Becky.

“We are all busy and it can be easy to take for granted the help you receive from colleagues. We hope that the Admin Competition helps to shine a light on the hard work our admin teams are putting in every day.”