We regularly advise care home owners and managers on the subject of care home fees and we understand the challenges you face when it comes to the recovery of care home fees. It’s crucial not to let financial complexities overshadow the exceptional care you provide. That’s why we’re here to offer our dedicated Debt Recovery service, aimed at providing you with the support and expertise you need to ensure successful fee recovery.

Clear Terms and Conditions: A Foundation for Clarity and Accountability

Clear and concise terms and conditions are essential for both care homes and families seeking care services. These agreements outline the financial responsibilities of both parties and help prevent misunderstandings or disputes. In particular, they play a vital role in establishing who is responsible for third-party funding from local authorities.

Third-Party Funding: Understanding Roles and Responsibilities

In many cases, individuals who require care may be eligible for financial assistance from local authorities. It is crucial to understand and clearly outline in the terms and conditions who will be responsible for liaising with the local authorities, submitting the necessary paperwork, and ensuring timely payment. This avoids confusion and delays in receiving the appropriate funds to cover the fees.

By explicitly stating the role of the care home and the family, these terms and conditions provide a roadmap for recovering care home fees. It allows for a seamless process, ensuring that everyone involved understands their obligations and responsibilities when it comes to third-party funding.

One client had trouble securing payment for a resident’s fees on the basis that the resident was entitled to third party funding from a local authority. Thanks to a robust clause in their terms that made it explicitly clear that any third-party funding was the responsibility of the residents to secure, the client was able to press ahead with recovery action unhindered.

Proper Invoicing: The Key to Accurate and Timely Payment

Apart from third-party funding, understanding who is responsible for paying the bills and ensuring accurate invoicing is crucial. Care homes must provide clear and detailed invoices on a regular basis to the responsible party. This not only facilitates transparency but also helps avoid misunderstandings or discrepancies in billing.

Invoicing errors or delays can lead to payment problems, creating financial burdens for both care homes and families. Therefore, ensuring invoices are prepared correctly, sent to the right person, and delivered regularly helps maintain a smooth payment process and ensures care home fees are recovered promptly.

On the issue of invoicing and terms and conditions, a recent client had difficulty securing payment from their client. A family member of the resident had signed their terms and conditions and accepted liability for the fees. The client then sent invoices to another family member of the resident who was not named in the contract. The client did not receive payment and attempts at recovery were ignored. Upon instruction, we pointed out that they had been attempting to recover from the wrong party.

Upon receipt of the letter the family argued that as the resident had passed, the assets were frozen as part of the probate process. We reminded the family member that they had accepted liability for the fees and not the resident and the matter was able to progress. 

Recovering care home fees involves careful attention to the financial aspects of care arrangements. Clear terms and conditions provide the foundation for accountability and understanding, especially concerning third-party funding from local authorities. Moreover, proper invoicing practices contribute to accurate and timely payment, alleviating potential financial burdens. By prioritizing these crucial elements, care homes and families can navigate the complexities of care home fee recovery with confidence and ensure the provision of quality care for their loved ones.

Our Debt Recovery service is tailored to meet your needs, ensuring that you can focus on providing exceptional care to your residents, while we help you reclaim what is rightfully yours.


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